Wednesday, September 16, 2020


To a certain extent, ambition is a built-in human drive that grows out of the desire to be a successful organism. You know, fat, happy, and sexy. I guess we could throw healthy in there too, but that's not really what this article is all about.

It's about our instruction set; that is, the drive to achieve whatever it is we desire. Before one chooses, one must first decide exactly what it is one should pursue. After all, time is money. Right? So let's not waste time tiptoeing through the weeds in search of direction.

Generally, the answer to the search for something to do (the meaning of life) is to make great gobs of money, to become wealthy so that one may become as powerful as possible. Only when that goal is achieved can one afford to pursue the mundane pleasures of travel, expensive wines, fast women, sensory thrills, and the trappings of material wealth (as well as the display of said wealth). That's the simple man's short and sweet version of ambition, direction, and success, all bundled into a single focus: money.

I'm kinda looking past that. It's all well and fine if your ambition provides focus and it probably does a little good for humanity too, or at least your kids, wife, and pets. Still, your ambition works to push distractions away. On the other hand, I embrace my distractions and try to bring them to the fore. If I have a problem, I'm not shy about discussing it with strangers.

I met a guy at the post office who was in the Navy 40 years after I was discharged. He was a lifer -- that's what we call someone who enters the military to make a career out of it -- but apparently he grew dissatisfied and left. The reason he was dissatisfied was interesting. He told me military service had become so politically correct in its pursuit of equality and diversity that the preparedness of fighting units was seriously degraded.

Additionally, billets were/are being filled more often with females supplanting more traditional male roles. This strategy has resulted in institutionalized incompetence with political strategies outweighing practical strategies. Everybody knows it but nobody wants to admit it. It's like a chapter from The Emperor Has No Clothes. Who cares if the battle was lost as long as the military force maintained its diversity?

My acquaintance also expressed a disregard towards any authority that would intentionally set up a system of incompetent leadership and call it progress.

My ambition stops when I realize my goals hurt others. I mean, I understand you gotta look out for yourself, especially when one is alone in the world and the bad guys are out walking around like a lion looking for something to eat. I don't want to end up paying for someone's else's search for meaning.

These days, my ambitions have slacked off a bit. Today, for instance, I hold ambition towards getting anywhere from 8 to 10 hours sleep. I might mow some grass and clear some land. Maybe not. I'll do a little writing on a story I'm working on. I'll check messages to see if I've forgotten to pay any bills and to see if any of my favorite female erotic actresses have reached out to me. I look forward to taking Mae out for a walk.

I should say, along with my carefully monitored ambition, I also work to control my disappointment so that nobody gets killed when I don't get what I want. Yep -- gotta curb that disappointment.

I have to be doing something right -- I've got food in the fridge, the mortgage is paid off, animals are happy, and I now have enough personal freedom to be able to tell practically anyone to piss off.

What's your ambition? New car? Stable job? Getting laid? Whatever it is, it's always a wise move to sound the depths of your own character. That is, make sure whatever it is you've chosen in life to be your great motivator... make sure it's something real and something you can build upon. There's a lot of folks out in the world who want to sell you an illusion.

I wish you luck and remind you that everything you do amounts to who you are.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Attitude Intact

My father was a physicist who worked as a well-logging engineer before he retired and returned to teaching high school math at Bell High School in Hurst, Texas. He discovered high school was nothing like it used to be and consequently struggled with his health until he died two years later. Upon his death, I was set loose upon the world to seek out injustice, good weed, and pretty women. I fulfilled my role with vigor although I really was not properly prepared. I paid little attention to politics, career, or choice of vocation. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll was not just a flippant reply to me -- it was, rather, a mission.

Many years later, I find my attitude is still intact. Yet, I have slowly learned that I am a principled guy, believe it or not. While my principles may be misguided at times, I am satisfied with what I have accomplished. Life in America these days is turning out to be rotten but the thing is, the quality of your life is still up to you. You still have the ability to choose your mood and attitude. If you choose to be defeated and depressed, well, that's your problem. Cry me a river.

If I had not mentioned it already, I discovered from my cousin that I am a direct descendant of Ragnar Lothbrok, the legendary Viking king. Ragnar was a certified badass who changed the history of the world while participating in numerous bloody martial exploits. If I look for a source for my attitude towards life, I like to believe my genetic construction leans heavily on Lothbrok for its mental base.

Forever In Blue Jeans


Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Phil the Feline

Sometimes captions just get in the way but if someone out there can come up with something that makes this picture any funnier than it already is, by all means, leave your humor in the comments.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

What Movie?

This 1997 dark comedy offers an A-list cast. Still drawing a blank? That's a hint.