Friday, November 30, 2018

The Problem With the World

am certain I have posted this quote before. If you've never read Bukowski, I have nothing else to say. Otherwise, God says the meek inherit the earth and I take that to mean we get buried in it while confident, brutish oafs set themselves to rob us of everything.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Review of Starshatter by Black Knight

Starshatter, author Black Knight's first effort, is the name of a Terran spaceship outfitted for war in the vacuum of space and designed to keep the peace by confronting invaders and space pirates. The ship is operated and maintained by a crew of Terran humans, uplifted Terran lower animals, and the lofty intelligence of distributed AI.

"Uplifted" is a term from David Brin's marvelous sci-fi where species of lower intelligence are helped by a superior species to actually raise their IQ, or consciousness, or whatever you want to call it. So that's how Mr. Black Knight has written intelligent rabbits and hamsters into his narrative. It's all in good fun and reminds me somewhat of the Guardians of the Galaxy sci-fi/fantasy movie series.

The action starts on the first page and doesn't let up for a second. The reader is thrown into a space battle that reads like an old-time account of a naval conflict between opposing ships. The account swings from one side to the other so the reader is treated to both sides of the story as characters are introduced whilst in the throes of space combat. Great fun!

There was a problem in downloading the most current version of Starshatter and I did not get the latest until after I had completed the book. The version I had was indeed a bit dodgy with a wandering storyline that left me at times wondering where Mr. Knight's narrative was leading.

Well, as it turns out, Starshatter leads to the Twin Suns of Corolla, which I have not yet consumed but look forward to reading. The Black Knight plans on writing a ten book series with the same characters and in the same sci-fi universe. Good luck to Mr. Knight and I hope to see him soon on Amazon's bestseller list.

PS Here is a blurb from an earlier review that would help prior to reading Starshatter:

"It is the year 2018 by Earth's calendar. The Terran Imperial Minarchy faces enemies on all sides and has but a few precious allies. Its small, decimated by a previous pirate invasion population, is now strengthened by a multitude of uplifted animal species. The humans and their newly created brothers in sentience chose to colonize Fringe Space - a large expanse, rife with piracy, slavery and a multitude of other dangers. Ruled by arrogant Pirate Lords and drug running Cartels, its current Masters are poised to permanently deal with the uppity, freedom-loving Terrans. Especially those in the employ of the treacherous and mighty Taz'aran Empire. Fast paced heroic action sci-fi pulp. Think something Edgar Rice Burroughs might have written if he was a fan of H. Beam Piper, Catshit One, and Macross."

Challenging Observations

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

It is Thanksgiving in America, 2018. It is also the anniversary of JFK's assassination -- another traumatic event for the American consciousness that remains unsolved, much like Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, double handfuls of mass shootings across the country, and other red flag events. Most Americans will not be thinking about conspiracies this Thanksgiving holiday. Nope, not with professional football on television and something good to eat in the frig.

Families across the country will dine in stony silence in order to avoid discussion of politics and other topics that might ignite fireworks. For those who just can't help themselves, lectures will be held on morality and political correctness. Leftists will brag about the fairness of trade unions and conservatives will lament their rapidly fading voices.

Many people will spend the day on the internet buying Christmas gifts and posting their complaints to Facebook, Twitter, and all those other social platforms.

Me? I have a book to finish and then I must write a review. While my back was turned, my dog took my small uncooked turkey from the kitchen counter and promptly consumed a portion making the remains unsuitable for consumption. I now plan on having a bologna sandwich and a banana for my celebratory dinner. Maybe some Cheetos and a couple of sweet pickles on the side.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Best Sci-Fi

Xylanthia by Thomas C. Stone. Best damn sci-fi I've read in years.
-- Marilyn Munro

Saturday, November 3, 2018

More Than a Pump?

The heart is the first functional organ to develop around three weeks into embryogenesis. Not the brain or the central nervous system, but the heart. It's also interesting to note that the heart gives out an electromagnetic field much stronger than that of the brain.