Monday, April 29, 2019

Ethylwyn by Pat Whitaker

Cradled in sumptuous luxury and pampered in a way only the richest can afford, the whole world is laid out before them for their gratification. But beneath this dignified calm, all is not well...

Following the disasterous crash of her competitor, a rebuilt R 100 airship sets out on a journey to every corner of the British Empire

Told through a cast of characters, both fictional and real, whose fates interweave during the voyage of the "Ethylwyn," the story incorporates an accurate insight to the technology of the day. The central protagonist, Clara is a great character. Intelligent, beautiful, a little damaged, courageous and filled with joie de vivre, her relationship with two totally different men is at the core of the novel's emotional pacing.

Available at Amazon, Smashwords, and practically everywhere fine books and ebooks are sold.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Game Addiction

I have been playing one of those free, addictive internet games. That's why I have not been posting much lately. It's called Forge of Empires and I recently learned you can't put it on pause. The game designers made it so you have to check in and do your gaming thing every day or else those whom you're playing against will find out nobody is minding the store and subsequently, will virtually rob you blind. Furthermore, it has the potential to go on and on for a year or so, maybe even longer. I need to quit, but I can't. I'm hooked. It's a world-building strategy game and I'm getting pretty good at it.

I meet other addicted gamers online from all over the world. We spend hours locked in virtual battle scenarios and sometimes messaging one another. There are groups called Guilds and you are urged to join one of these to enhance the gaming experience. I haven't joined a Guild yet but I've received several invitations. I would say it's a great distraction but it's not really -- actually, it's an all-consuming time-suck and I make myself take breaks to do my reading and language studies.

Eventually, I will come to my senses and quit the game only to finally delete my accumulation of virtual medals, gold, points, honorary certificates of accomplishment, and the admiration of lesser players. But until then, you can expect more gaming updates and less quality posts.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Harry Who?

The Harry Irons 4-book Trilogy! Good stuff! If you like a great story behind your science fiction, then you're in the right place. Available in trade paperback or ebook. Check it out here. The first book in the trilogy is To The Stars and it is still free to download as an ebook. What a deal, huh?

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Eat a Bread Sandwich for Dinner While Checking Email

Since my main machine crashed from the fluctuating power supplied to its motherboard, I've had to switch over to my old Windows Vista laptop to roam the internet. It doesn't work very well, loads very slowly, and will no longer access many sites I frequent. So I'm not doing a lot of web surfing lately. I played on my Galaxy J3 smartphone for a time but it started chewing through my paid usage so now I just use it to check messages. Consequently, I've been reading from my To-Be-Read pile.

So far, I've worked through War of Vengeance (Acts of Retaliation Against Civil War POWs) by Lonnie Speer, To Own a Dragon by Donald Miller, Funeral Games by Mary Renault, A Shropshire Lad by AE Housman (I've read and re-read this poetry collection many times. Like Poe, Housman must be read aloud.), and Star Gate by Andre Norton.

Still reading Journey by James Michener, Great American Short Stories (Barnes & Noble Classics), The Art of Fiction by David Lodge, and a detailed biography of Stonewall Jackson (The Man, The Soldier, The Legend) by James I Robertson, Jr..

Any suggestions from my loyal readers? Anything good out there I am missing?

Pat Whitaker, my friend in New Zealand, has released his latest book, entitled Ethylwyn. It's a fictionalized account of the ill-fated airship's journey in the 1930's -- an exciting story of mystery and intrigue with an index of Ehthylwyn's more pertinent specifications (Pat likes to compile facts.). It's a good read available in trade paperback or digital ebook from Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.

My new computer is supposed to be here tomorrow but I still have a bunch of books to read so I will make an effort to restrict my online reading so I can continue working through my book pile. I also have many, many wonderful books on my Kindle, which is currently loaned out to a friend so that he can read The Xylanthian Chronicles (Simply the best sci-fi you can possibly imagine. You should purchase a copy for yourself and read it today. Do it now and urge your friends to follow your example.)

Happy trails, friends. See you on the new machine!