Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Xylanthia: A Story of Time and Space

Xylanthia is a very cool, very hip, epic sci-fi tale. The first in a trilogy, Xylanthia follows Mackenzie Maguire and Chef on a scientific survey of a habitable moon orbiting a gas giant at Sirius A. Eight light years from Earth, it's a peculiar place fraught with peril in more ways than any of the team can imagine. First off, there's the space travel aspect. Then there's the alien world. Then alien psychotropic drugs (far out, man). Then there's the wormhole thing and good grief, that leads to time travel. And don't forget the transdimensional invasion. Have I revealed too much? I don't think so; remember, we're still talking about the first book in a marvelous trilogy of books.

Seriously, if you're a sci-fi fan, don't let this one pass you by. The Xylanthia books are better than anything you'll see on Netflix. Of course, I'm partial, but read it for yourself and you'll see I'm right.

Xylanthia is available in either ebook form or industrial paperback (a nice, big 6" x 9" book with a beautiful, full color cover depicting the Gator's Nest complex in the swamp on Xylanthia). Books by Thomas C. Stone make great Christmas gifts too!

Friday, October 18, 2019

The Call That Never Came ( I Me Mine)

Back on this date in 1971, before most of you were born, I stayed close to the phone in hopes George Harrison would call to ask me to audition for his new band. He didn't and the rest is history.

New topic: how many spider bites do I have to endure before my spider senses develop? Hmm?

Thursday, October 17, 2019

You Know Your Culture from Your Trash

It's My Birfday!

Today is TommyBoy's birthday. In lieu of an official gift or card, please surf over to Amazon and purchase one or two of my books. Papa needs a new pair of shoes. It's a shame about Amazon, but the truth is, they've sort of cornered the market on retail book sales and my choices are limited. Please make Jeff Bezos sorry he has not offered me a better arrangement. Anyhoo, buy one of my books -- you won't be disappointed.

Next month, I'm setting up a table at the Bowie Second Monday Trade Days. Please come by and say hello and look over the books with the newly designed covers. They look great! That will be Nov. 9th (Saturday) and Nov. 10th (Sunday) in the main building behind the rodeo arena.

This message has no political affiliation and is approved by TommyBoy himself. Thank you very little; this is Tommyboy (Chairman of the Bored), signing off.

Edit: Oops, almost forgot to mention, my first audiobook is in production. Pretty exciting, right? It's The Cane Patch Collectors, currently available in ebook form or industrial paperback. Happy reading (or listening)!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

If I Ever Get Out of Here...

The Outsider by Stephen King

The Outsider is a fairly new murder mystery written by the king of popular horror novelists, Stephen King. In brief, and without giving too much away, the story begins with the gruesome murder of a child by a well-known citizen of a small town in Oklahoma. The murderer is not only a well-established, upstanding member of the community, but is also a family man with two young daughters and a doting wife. He would be the last man one would suspect of murdering a child in a sex-crazed, pedophilic rage, yet there is a bevy of material witnesses and all the evidence points directly to him, including fingerprints and DNA. So, unsurprisingly, he is arrested by the local police. The investigation is ramroded by a local police detective and the local district attorney. Those two characters start out as foils in the tale, but later on, things change. This is the part where I say I can't tell you any more without spoiling the story. I could but I won't, just in case you decide to read it for yourself.

The Outsider is a long read at 560 pages, but it is an engaging read if you like mysteries. Stephen King has had enough practice by now that he could write this stuff in his sleep. While it's not the best thing King has ever done, it's not the worst, either. A couple or three times, King drops his political bias (again) and it's distracting but not enough to throw the book across the room.

There are the usual cheap scares and crass language, along with detailed police procedures and legal maneuvering by the lawyers, a la John Grisham. There is also the usual Stephen King twist which I will not reveal either. The Outsider is a whodunit story and more fun to read than a week of passively watching sitcoms at night in your off-hours. Not great, but not entirely bad.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Please Help a Homeless Disabled Vet

Okay, he's not homeless. Yet. Thomas C. Stone has new paperbacks for sale at Amazon! This is a big deal for the old boy so please surf on over and invest in a few of his paperback books. You won't be disappointed. Everything has been re-edited, and re-formatted, along with new artwork. Heck, the artwork alone is worth paying for! Anyhoo, go here and spend some money. Well, don't just sit there.