Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Xylanthia: A Story of Time and Space

Xylanthia is a very cool, very hip, epic sci-fi tale. The first in a trilogy, Xylanthia follows Mackenzie Maguire and Chef on a scientific survey of a habitable moon orbiting a gas giant at Sirius A. Eight light years from Earth, it's a peculiar place fraught with peril in more ways than any of the team can imagine. First off, there's the space travel aspect. Then there's the alien world. Then alien psychotropic drugs (far out, man). Then there's the wormhole thing and good grief, that leads to time travel. And don't forget the transdimensional invasion. Have I revealed too much? I don't think so; remember, we're still talking about the first book in a marvelous trilogy of books.

Seriously, if you're a sci-fi fan, don't let this one pass you by. The Xylanthia books are better than anything you'll see on Netflix. Of course, I'm partial, but read it for yourself and you'll see I'm right.

Xylanthia is available in either ebook form or industrial paperback (a nice, big 6" x 9" book with a beautiful, full color cover depicting the Gator's Nest complex in the swamp on Xylanthia). Books by Thomas C. Stone make great Christmas gifts too!


  1. TB, got my hands (and eyes) on a digital copy of Xylanthia a month or so back and began reading on my Kindle. This was only after seeing somewhere a complaint that people just weren't reading as much for pleasure anymore and Xylanthia was supposed to be an great story and so on. Well, I think you're right. People aren't reading as much anymore, especially a big book like Xylanthia. It's long, but on the other hand, it's a great story. Some days I wanted to stay home from work just to read. I read it at lunch and as soon as I got off work, sometimes sitting at my desk an extra hour before I went home. My wife nagged at me to finish your book so I could do her chores. When I finally finished it, she wanted to celebrate until I told her there were two more books in the trilogy. She threatened to divorce me. Just joking, of course.

    I'm a science fiction fan but I've never read or seen anything like Xylanthia. Congratulations on creating something so original and so engaging. It may very well be the best science fiction I have ever read. Well written. Kudos, sir!

    I've started Return to Xylanthia, but I'm keeping it from my wife except at bedtime where we have a ritual of reading before turning out the light. Now she's started to nag about me staying up too late to read your books.

    I think eventually Xylanthia will be noticed and you'll have a best-selling series on your hands. Good luck to you!


    1. Hey thanks, Brad! Nice to hear a good report.