Wednesday, November 13, 2019

A Word on Independent Writers and Artists

One of the biggest problems with making book sales as an independent writer is the folks who think that if you self-published, then your books probably aren't very good. You did not pass through the publishing gates of approval and you don't have a team of snooty proofreaders looking over your shoulder. Additionally, you avoided the legions of politically correct bean counters who inhabit the publishing industry. You had the audacity to think your writing was good enough without anybody's stamp of approval.

Yep, I run into that kind of thinking on a regular basis. Never mind that I spent a lifetime as a professional writer working for a number of Fortune 500 companies. Never mind that I taught English Composition and Rhetoric at the university level and hold three degrees, one a Master's in Literature and Linguistics. Forget that out of literally millions of competitors, I once held a #1 position for five days in my genre at Amazon. And not least of all, it's probably best to forget I've done it all on my own without the backing of a well-financed marketing department or a squad of barking toadies dropping slimy paragraphs of inflated prose passing for book reviews.

I've said it before and, just in case you've forgotten, I'll say it again. Publishing is a fixed game generally running on the sensibilities of the establishment which is philosophically committed to the Left these days; a group of progressive (mostly) women who want to see more books and stories about women of color, diversity in the workplace, the difficulties associated with being transgender, and the desire to create a worldview devoid of anything smacking of masculinity. Oh, there are men who populate the publishing industry, if you want to call them that, but their numbers are far less than their female counterparts and believe me, stories of Marine boot camp or the difficulties of being a Christian conservative in the southern USA hold no interest for them. They are more interested in reading the pablum that passes for fake news these days.

Yet, for all the opposition, I'm still out here writing my stories and trying to sell books. I sell a few now and again. In a fair and politically balanced society, I wouldn't have to publish as an Indie Writer; I wouldn't have to set up a folding table at a community flea market and sell my stories (which I do enjoy, by the way). I wouldn't have to because a fair publishing industry would recognize the worth of what I am doing.

But that's not the way it is. Even so, I'll continue to press on. I'll write my stories and turn them into books and I'll sell them to those who appreciate my endeavors, to those who love my characters and the situations they encounter.

So, I'll end this with a quick advertisement: please purchase one or two of my books -- more if you are so inclined. Support independent writers and artists. We entertain you, make life a little more pleasant, and sometimes offer you something unique and beautiful. I am Thomas C. Stone and my author website is Thanks and, as always, happy reading!

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