Friday, November 22, 2019

AI Ad Targeting

This is from my page. Not only do "they" know I love Whataburger, but they also surmise that I am qualified to flip burgers. I'm afraid I'd set the place on fire or accidentally dip my hand into the fryer or mix up all the orders. Believe me, we're all better off just leaving me as a customer.


  1. I dunno - there's gotta be other skill sets in play there. Like scooping fries, mixing milkshakes, getting just the right crease in those paper hats...

    My dream date would be with the Fort Worth chick who decked herself out in Whataburger superhero regalia. If I recall correctly, she's just within the 'socially acceptable' relationship age difference, and hey, if things worked out, I might even put a(n)[onion] ring on that!

  2. My poor people skills would doom me.