Saturday, November 16, 2019

Totally Decadent

It was cold and a bit windy on the square in Decatur but I met some great peeps and sold a few books. Two Mormon girls chatted me up and invited me to church which I reluctantly declined. Afterwards, I spent some of my earnings on a double-double at Whataburger. I also had a medium Dr. Pepper milk shake (with vanilla ice cream) -- man, I have become completely addicted to those things. Totally decadent. In all, a good day. Thanks to Kenny for the photo.


  1. OK, this is kinda awkward, but my recent post did contain the lines: "You got your hair combed back" and "Wayfarers on". So, I don't know if it's life imitating art or vice-versa.

    When I was in college, both at Arlington and Denton, Whataburger was one of my drive-through lunch grabs, between school and work, at least twice a week. In that time frame I reached peak weight, as D-D w/cheese, large fries, and a large, sugary soda will do that to you.

    Nowadays, I'm about 40# under 'peak weight', with enviable BMI and BFI numbers, and I eat - maybe - two or three burgers a month.

    Although, I was about to go to Braum's tonight for a 1/3 pounder with fries, until my oldest son called and happened to say something about 'Manwich' sauce, and I remembered I needed to finish off some sloppy joe mix I'd cooked up earlier in the week.

  2. I had recently lost those Wayfarers while piling brush for my burn pile. I thought I had accidentally burned them up but a week later while playing with Mae outside, I found them on the ground. Happy me, I can tell you that! That burger was the first I'd had this month and it was delicioso! Looks like the new owners haven't changed the recipe.

  3. Decatur Whataburger is closed for remodeling. I must ask, why diddle with perfection? You know they're not going to mess with the color scheme, but what if they did? Wood paneling and mahogany tables. A jukebox full of soulful tunes. Free Dr. Pepper popsicles. How about miniskirts for the girls?