Sunday, December 29, 2019

Fakin' It


  1. I loved S&G's music back in the day. During my last couple years at NTSU, a transcribed cassette (UDXL-II, to be technical) of Live in Central Park was in frequent rotation on my commute to/from Denton. And I was fortunate to see them at the Cotton Bowl in '83 (in the rain), with Paul's new wife Carrie making a cameo appearance.

    Artie did some nice work with Jimmy Webb (who wrote All I Know on the latter's duet releases. Not sure what Paul's done of note lately.

    Apart from their music, each kinda seems to be a PITA. It'd be nice if they could sideline their animosities for one more tour, but I don't really think that's in the cards.

  2. Haha, I had to look up PITA. I'm not surprised to hear they are of that nature. Too much money come too quick, turn a good man bad.