Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Down the Rabbithole...

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The first book in The Xylanthian Chronicles by Thomas C. Stone is entitled Xylanthia. Catchy, huh? It's a big book, big enough so even if you sat up all night reading, you probably wouldn't finish it before the sun came up. Plus, like I said, it's the first book in a trilogy so if you do commit to it and read it all the way through, you'll likely want to read the following two books.

So what is the Xylanthia story anyway? Good question. Well, it's a sci-fi thriller set in a future nearly 400 years from now. You may be surprised to learn that in many ways it is similar to the present; that is, human affairs are still governed by intrigue and conspiracy and competition. Space travel and exploration is a big thing in the future and we've finally figured out how to get to other star systems. One thing we haven't figured out is how to survive once we get there. That's what Xylanthia is about -- how a team of scientists and explorers manage to unravel the mysteries surrounding the binary system at Sirius while being picked off by a hostile alien environment.

Yet, that's not even the half of it. The Xylanthia books are a wild ride down the rabbithole into an adventure that will stretch your imagination. If you love science fiction and an original story, you'll love The Xylanthian Chronicles.

The Xylanthian Chronicles is a three book set comprised of Xylanthia, Return to Xylanthia, and The Galactic Center. Each book is available in either industrial paperback or as an ebook and can be found at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes&Noble, Apple and other fine online book retailers. As in incentive, the price has been lowered for the ebook version of Xylanthia to just $2.99 for an entire month! So, please, order your copy today and begin an astounding reading experience.

As always, happy reading!

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