Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Okay, maybe so, but you don't have to yell!


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Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Truth Is...

The truth is... you can't believe anything you see, hear, or read these days. If you base your logic and perceptions on what some talking head has told you, you've officially transformed into a lemming. So, the problem is, how does one go about thinking for one's self, especially if the data that is parceled out to the general public is faulty -- and you can bank on it that it is.

How can we make good decisions in our daily lives? I mean, is the market headed up or down? Should I buy or sell? Should I go to college or should I find a dead-end job? Does she love me or does she just like my pick-up truck? Am I too fat? Should I cut my hair? Should I always try to be honest or is it all right to take shortcuts by lying, cheating, and stealing? Everybody else does. Why shouldn't I be selfish too? Does God exist? Why can't I see him? Or her? Who can I trust?

The truth is... nobody can give us the answers to those questions. You've got to figure it out for yourself. Sometimes you're going to make mistakes; sometimes you're going to make the wrong choices. Make them often enough and this life you call your own will be cut short. So, considering all this bad news, what are you going to do?

Well, you can improve your chances for success (Ah, success! That is a term to be defined in another essay.) by learning to think clearly and by avoiding the many poisons and traps this material world has to offer. Only you can determine how much risk you want to take. Only you can determine what direction you want to go. Just where do you put your energy so that the returns are the greatest? You can research, pay for professional advice, learn through hard knocks, or learn to be satisfied with living in a hole which may get you out of the line of fire but you'll wallow in the dirt with the rest of the pigs.

Remember this. When it comes to human affairs and the dynamics of life on the planet, there is nothing new under the sun. If you think you are the first to experience a particular emotion or to be caught committing a crime, please check yourself. Whatever is happening to you has happened to others a countless number of times. Admittedly, you need a guide. We all do. However, parents, friends, and teachers can lead you astray. You can't trust the company you work for; after all, they're just using you. You can only believe the schools only so far because propaganda and socialization is what drives the machine. And your friends are just like you: selfish and needy.

So how does one learn anything of value? Here's a tip: work on balancing your nature, your natural tendencies, with established systems of discipline and wisdom. If you want to be an engineer, study mathmetics and physics. If you want to be a minister, read the Bible. If you want to be a medical doctor, study biological sciences. Once you've become an expert in your field, do not make the mistake of thinking your expertise automatically qualifies you to be an expert in other areas.

It's difficult to stop being so judgmental. I mean, you can be biased towards the lessons of your own experiences, but you should not cling to your biases or your desires. Be flexible. Be like water, says Bruce Lee.

The truth is... you'll never know everything, but there will be times in your life when you think you do. When you catch yourself with a busy mind and find that you're making decisions for everyone around you, maybe it's time to slow down. You're not as important or as smart as you think you are. Acting as if you are the center of the universe is a lot to take on. Relax.

Lastly, in the words of the Great Lebowski, remember this, "That's just your opinion, man."

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Thought this would go well with TommyBoy's last post.

Not to Hurt

Not to Hurt
by St. Francis of Assisi

Not to hurt our humble brethren (the animals)
Is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough.
We have a higher mission:
To be of service to them whenever they require it.