Friday, July 10, 2020

Ten Favorite Driving Songs

These are not necessarily MY favorite ten driving songs but I'll bet they're someone's. I came up with this list off the top of my head and look, no Merle Haggard.

1. Little Deuce Coupe -- The Beach Boys
2. Highway to Hell -- AC/DC
3. Drive My Car -- The Beatles
4. Mercury Blues -- Steve Miller
5. Long White Cadillac -- Dwight Yoakam
6. Highway to the Danger Zone -- Giorgio Moroder, Tom Whitlock, Kenny Loggins
7. Pink Cadillac -- Bruce Springsteen
8. Further On Up the Road/Too Rolling Stoned -- Robin Trower
9. Runnin' On Empty -- Jackson Browne
10. Life in the Fast Lane -- The Eagles


  1. Good list, I would put #9, #10, #3, and #1 on a driving mix playlist, together with ABB - Ramblin' Man, Eagles - Ol' '55, American Pie, Night Moves, Commander Cody - Hot Rod Lincoln, and Jackson Browne again - The Naked Ride Home.

    BTW, I dig the pup - probably a better driver than a lot of humans...