Sunday, September 13, 2020

Attitude Intact

My father was a physicist who worked as a well-logging engineer before he retired and returned to teaching high school math at Bell High School in Hurst, Texas. He discovered high school was nothing like it used to be and consequently struggled with his health until he died two years later. Upon his death, I was set loose upon the world to seek out injustice, good weed, and pretty women. I fulfilled my role with vigor although I really was not properly prepared. I paid little attention to politics, career, or choice of vocation. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll was not just a flippant reply to me -- it was, rather, a mission.

Many years later, I find my attitude is still intact. Yet, I have slowly learned that I am a principled guy, believe it or not. While my principles may be misguided at times, I am satisfied with what I have accomplished. Life in America these days is turning out to be rotten but the thing is, the quality of your life is still up to you. You still have the ability to choose your mood and attitude. If you choose to be defeated and depressed, well, that's your problem. Cry me a river.

If I had not mentioned it already, I discovered from my cousin that I am a direct descendant of Ragnar Lothbrok, the legendary Viking king. Ragnar was a certified badass who changed the history of the world while participating in numerous bloody martial exploits. If I look for a source for my attitude towards life, I like to believe my genetic construction leans heavily on Lothbrok for its mental base.


  1. That picture is how I imagine Gandalf - is that you or your father?

    While I haven't done the DNA thing to check my lineage or whatnot, typical genealogy sites - based on my surname - would indicate origins in southern England. With all the sailing vessels plying the North Sea waybackwhen, I would like to think I'm somehow related to Njal.

  2. That's him! He's older but I'd know those murderous eyes anywhere! Mad as a hatter! Call me Thomdalf. Or Babyface (new pics coming soon).

    My ongoing, meaningless research indicates that by this time in human history, all of us are genetically related to royalty.