Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Contemplating with Bullet Points

Much like many other bloggers on the interweb, my life and what I think I know (There are two retarded wolves living inside me. One wants to masturbate and the other wants to eat.) can be explained by a series of bullet points. 

• The first of September and it's rainy with temps in the sixties and seventies where I now lay me down to rest. Is the mild weather a portend to a long, cold winter? The almanac says indeed that is the case.

• Even though I believe all females to be batshit crazy, I am still persuaded by fluttering eyes and soothing language. It's done me in over and over from the time I was a child.

• When I think about it, I am always left with the opinion that, to varying degrees, everyone (men and women) is crazy.

• Why don't we call alcoholics and drug addicts crazy? Oh, that's right, it was decided they are ill, that they have a physical illness. Well, I guess whatever the AMA says is what we have to live with.

• Now, we used to say that gay people and pederasts were mentally ill but the script has been flipped on that one as well. It's to your political advantage to be gay these days. Probably a professional advantage too when you consider the perqs of being in a recognized exclusionary group. It doesn't work for the historical oppressors (white guys)...

• I installed a new sliding glass shower door in the head here at L@MT headquarters and it leaks! I am in the lengthy process of repairing the leak. Do silicone vapors get you high?

• If I were affiliated with either of the political parties here in the good ole USA, you'd have to drag me with wild horses to any of those rallies or conventions. I do like a red baseball cap though. Takes me back to the days when the St. Louis Cardinals were the hottest team in pro baseball. Long time ago.

• That Jeffrey Epstein thing has quietly faded, just like the Las Vegas concert attack. Inquiring minds want to know.

• Who pays Antifa and BLM to transport, equip, feed and house their members? This barrage of strategically planned riots and demonstrations has a giant payroll behind it. Who writes the checks?

• Man, if Joe Biden wins the presidency, I will never miss another presidential media briefing. Having Biden as president would be like having Daffy Duck as president. I don't mean to denigrate; rather, I'd like to point out that Joe Biden's disconnect from reality is going to make for great television. It already has.

• Joe Biden is a professional politician and has worked as a politician his entire life. If anybody knows where all the bodies are buried from the previous administrations, it would be old Joe.

• For a year or so, I sold shoes at a Kinney's Shoe Store in Ft. Worth. I was 19.

• On a closing note, the Epstein affair serves to remind me that all justice is up for sale. It is probably safe to make a comparison between the degree of corruption in our government, society at large, and the hollowing out of the American judicial system. I suppose we're all guilty to a certain extent, but it's those responsible for getting us here who should be held accountable. Judges, lawyers, clerks, etc. as well as ex-presidents, should all be taken out behind the barn for a good spanking. I think most would enjoy it.


  1. If Jay Leno were still on late night, he would want J. Biden to be President - the guy is a comedy goldmine (plus, Jay's kind of a lib, though I like his car bits).

    As a kid, my Mom took me to the Kinney's on Story Road in Irving for dress shoes, and also, if memory serves, P.F. Flyers. I don't remember if they also sold Keds or not.

    I didn't live in FW in those days, but I imagine your Kinney's was maybe in Seminary South or on Camp Bowie?

    1. There was a mall in Haltom City near the high school. The Kinney's where I worked was in the mall but I did put in a week at the Hurst store. That store in Irving was always on top of the sales leaders.

  2. Was that the shopping center with Monkey Wards on the north end? I don't recall ever being in there in its prime, but did shop the MW Outlet store several times in the early '80s, and often took the fam to Pancho's there in the '90s or early oughts.

  3. Yep, I think that was the place. I used to love Pancho's and considered the little table flag as a challenge to the kitchen to keep up with my taco-eating abilities. I met a lot of girls through Kinney Shoes.