Saturday, October 3, 2020

One Step Forward Two Steps Backward

Some days things just don't work out. It's Saturday and I keep bouncing from chore to chore because when I try to accomplish a task something comes up -- either I'm missing the right part or other people won't cooperate. For instance, I went to the lumber yard to purchase four small metal screws whose absence is preventing me from putting up rain gutters. Well, the lumber yard wasn't open. On a Saturday! It's frustrating. I went to visit a neighbor. Guess what? They weren't at home.

So, I'm at home now and I'm thinking it's Saturday and I should relax. Chill. I have a rifle and scope that needs to be sighted-in. I have piles of brush to burn. I need to work on my Cat story. I need to review more audio files for the audio production of Stolen Worlds. I need to begin painting the interior of my new place (I have the paint, brushes and all is ready to go.). I need to build a cabinet for my microwave. I need to research more towards my solar conversion (Yep, I'm going solar.). And on it goes.

But it doesn't feel like I'll get around to any of those things, either. As I focus on this moment and the words that follow, the radio blasts out Men At Work: "Living in the land down under, where the winds blow, then thunder... better run, better take cover..."

I'm hooked on pop music. It just takes one cool song to make me anticipate the next and before long I'll wake up and realize I've sat here for thirty minutes listening to music on the radio. Who needs chores when you're distracted by classic rock? Music distracts me so much that I have to turn it off while I eat my meals. I'm not kidding. I should have been a musician instead of handsome.

Well, the chores will still be there on Monday. Meanwhile, somebody needs to watch the trees swaying in the cool breeze. At dusk, the cats will wake up to go outside to play. Me? I'm just gonna put on my babyface and wait for the next song.

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