Friday, November 13, 2020


Nite Stalker

She got rid of me
without saying why,
but I know it's cause
I'm not a rich guy. 

It could have been
an epic romance:
I've got bourbon on ice
and six marijuana plants. 

I've lost weight this year
and I'm looking pretty fly,
yet she turned me down
and went with another guy. 

I told her I loved her
and I'd build her a house;
she wanted a mansion,
not a place for a mouse. 

She wanted steak for dinner
so out on the town we went.
I had to wash dishes
to cover the money we spent. 

Someday maybe I'll find
my fortune in the stars:
a girl who likes cheap wine
and pays the cover charge at all my favorite bars.


  1. If ya want to get rid of me, just accuse me of stalking and disrupting your life. I'll be gone like a cool breeze with a lingering fuck you on my lips.