Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Blizzard of '21

According to the thermometer hanging on the wall outside my front door, it was -11 degrees this morning. Sort of like being in the Arctic, eh? Well, it's the coldest I can I ever recall. I wish I had installed the wood stove like I'd planned, but I didn't. If the electric goes out, I'm doomed. The pipes are already frozen, no water, but fortunately I always store some -- getting close to running out, down to half a gallon. I have begun melting snow. Not to worry, later today I'll take some containers to my neighbor's and fill 'em up with water. The temps will begin rising today but I hear there's another storm on the way.

The roads are bad. Overblown with snow and of course, ice is everywhere. I think my truck will sit until things are thawed.

Why does this great, powerful, energy-giant country of ours have rolling blackouts? What is wrong with this picture? Did you know the conservationists in the Chinese government now have a say-so in the workings of the American electrical grid? Did ya? Did ya know that?

Sure seems like everything the government does these days is against the will and the liberty of the American people. Tyranny has arrived. Did you notice? Did you applaud when the bad guys cheated and stole the prize? If you don't believe in heaven, then you can't go to hell, right?

Are you woke? Are you prepared to lay down your life so Joe Biden can squeeze another little girl? Or so transgenders will receive the respect they crave? And leave those lesbians alone! Love is good and pure in all its forms, right? How can that possibly be wrong? You know, everybody can't be equal until the ugly white man has been fully and permanently censured. And those pesky religious rules about sex... they have to go.

Gay is good. Absolutely twisted and corrupt to the soul is even better. We can use people like you.

Yep. It's a brave new world, Sheilla. Sex, drugs, lockdowns, and social justice. It may be the end of the world, but what a way to go!


  1. If you can't tell, I listened to the pro-government NPR lackeys this morning! Among other liars, they had a Somali female from Michigan talking about social justice. All the NPR male workers are gay & the women are princesses & queens.

  2. Listening to NPR is known to have deleterious effects. A friend of mine is a regular listener - his thinking is none the better for the experience.

    1. Is your friend a believer in the progressive cause & search for meaning? Maybe he's reaching out in an effort to understand that which wants to eat him.