Friday, February 19, 2021

Crazy Groupthink

t really is insane how all sins have been made into virtues, and the only true evil in this world has become racism. Lust and promiscuity dominate every facet of life, gluttony to the point of morbid obesity is beautiful, criticizing avarice is anti-semitic, ordering grubhub and watching Netflix is being a decent normal citizen, wrath is encouraged if it's toward those guilty of wrongthink, fake social media profiles are designed to be envied, and pride is the greatest virtue of all if you're not white. Most "good Christians" follow the doctrine of anti-racism more closely than the ten commandments.
Emily Youcis

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  1. It's posts like this that makes Google throttle my traffic but no one seems to care what is happening to our collective FREEDOM. They're too busy with deviance and lifestyle choices. See you in hell honey chile.